Productive Process

We never get tired of improving ourselves.

We design and manufacture highly refined fabrics, with the wisdom and substance of craftsmanship.
Each meter of our products comes from an original idea and it is the result of a specific processing aiming to exalt raw materials ultimate quality.
The final result is a unique product, coveted by international brands so to valorise their collections.
We’re proud to entirely manage the knitting process internally and trusting the ennobling only to specialized and high selected partners.

Research and Design.

Our technical office is working and dedicating constantly to the research of new raw materials and to the experimentation of innovative techniques.
All Jackytex products are the result of a long design process and a development oriented only thought for excellence.


Jackytex fabrics are manufactured according to specific procedures meant to achieve excellent results. Together with traditional processes, we constantly experiment innovative techniques so to result in unique products.